2020 Republican National Convention: Day 1

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President Trump addresses first responders at the White House.
President Trump addresses first responders at the White House. Republican National Convention

After weeks of growing political fury over recent cuts to the U.S. postal service, President Donald Trump said on Monday that he would not support the cuts to agencies.

“We take good care of our postal workers. That’s what I can tell you,” the president said on the first night of the Republican National Convention. “Believe me, we don’t get rid of any of our postmen, you know.” He went on to say, “If anyone does it, it’s the Democrats, not the Republicans.”

The facts first: This is false. Internal USPS documents obtained by CNN contradict the president’s statement. Before Postmaster General Louis DeJoy put many changes on hold until the election was over, the USPS planned to dramatically reduce working hours in at least one district. Moreover, Democrats have not offered to fire postal workers.

In documents obtained by CNN, USPS officials held a “stand up talk” around July 13, telling workers they would cut an estimated 100,000 to 124,000 hours of work across the district, across the district. the sectors – retail, delivery and processing. It was not clear how management would implement the changes. USPS planned to cut as many hours of work in mail processing operations – 124,000 – documents say this would be the equivalent of shutting down all processing plants in the Appalachian District for 29 days or eliminating a shift whole for 86 days.

Delivery to urban areas would be reduced by 110,983 man hours. The documents equated the reduction in working hours to: not delivering mail for 13 days, or stopping 43 city routes, or ending 25-minute mail delivery each day.

It also included clerk and retail operations, which management would cut by 112,475 hours of work. That’s the equivalent of shutting down post office retail operations for 90 days, district-wide, according to the documents.

The initiative to cut work hours has since ceased because DeJoy suspended them after intense public scrutiny. But CNN union officials have expressed concern that the changes will be rolled back after the 2020 election.

They are also worried because cuts to past working hours have led to job cuts.

In his testimony to Congress, DeJoy alluded to the fact that significant changes are still underway for the USPS, they come right after the election now.

DeJoy operates independently of the president, but has important ties to him as a mega-donor and former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. In recent weeks, the president has made baseless accusations that sought to undermine confidence in the USPS and said he opposed USPS funding due to postal voting.

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