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Google-Airtel deal: instant benefit for 300 million Indians; Know how to get the benefit

If you still use feature phones, but are planning to switch to a smartphone, the time has come. The Google-Airtel deal benefits 300 million users who still use feature phones. Know what the experts have to say about it. Experts even said the Google deal would allow Airtel to come up with smartphones that come with custom software for the new services. This will help the company pursue customers moving from feature phones to smartphones. However, he added that Airtel will have to rely on its hardware partners to improve the overall affordability of the device, which can be challenging at a time when there is a global supply chain problem.

Airtel brings affordable smartphone – Ram
Prabhu Ram, Industry Intelligence Group Head, CMR, said in an interview with The Economic Times: “In order to enable India’s first digital consumers to connect to the digital mainstream in local languages, affordable smartphones are critical. is where Airtel comes in. Taking advantage of Google’s software expertise in solving India’s unique challenges.”

Ram said: If Airtel is to take advantage of Google’s software expertise, it will also depend on how Airtel works with its hardware partners to improve the overall affordability of devices.

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Tarun Pathak of Counterpoint Research said Airtel and Google could take an indirect approach to the Android One-like strategy. “Entry-level phones can sell well, namely by being locked up through an operator and paying in EMIs with data bundling.”

Pathak added that Airtel may also be coming up with soft-SIM bundling partnerships with Chinese players. The latest example is the JioPhone Next smartphone. Hardware is actually hard to crack, so partnering with OEMs with the help of Google is a better route for Airtel.”

Big challenge to convert millions of customers to 4G
According to a senior telecom analyst from Mumbai, the three telecom companies are finding it difficult to convert the next 100 to 15 crore customers to 4G.

Whatever telcos say, affordability is a major hurdle as an entire family isn’t upgrading their phones and pricing plans. In low-income groups, it’s usually the earner who opts for higher pricing plans. Prepaid rates have gone up as well as spending in other areas, which means less spending on mobile phones. Increasing data usage doesn’t mean it’s moving higher on the 4G charts.”

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Target to chase 300 million users
Counterpoint estimates that the number of feature phone users in India is about 300 million. The three telecom operators want to lure these feature phone users to their 4G networks and smartphones with the help of bundled offers.

“The fundamental challenge of expanding to smartphone users or in other words digital users can only be solved by a breakthrough where technology giants work together and offer an ideal techno-commercial offering. This collaboration is a sustainable solution in this direction. Also TechArc founder- analyst Faisal Kawoosa said: “5G needs to understand the use cases for users to get started with it. Early and timely preparation is important and a good step in this direction.”

In addition to its partnership with Bharti Airtel, Google said in a blog spot that it plans to create new and innovative business models to help grow the Android OEM ecosystem in India.

Google said joint efforts with Airtel to make the Internet more accessible and useful to more than a billion Indians will continue to be a strategic focus for the company.

As part of our first commercial agreement under this deal, Google will work to enhance Airtel’s broader offering, covering a range of devices, through innovative, affordable programs for consumers.


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