The Cable Girls season 5 :: Here begins a new hunt for freedom within the patriarchal society !


The Cable Girls is a Netflix based show  set in Madrid that follows the life story of four Spanish women in the late 1920s, who happen to work for the same telephone company but eventually end up developing a strong friendship Bond with each other.

Uptil today, the protagonists of the show have always been effectively able to reflect all the hardships that a patriarchal society has to offer to hard willed women. But, should we expect this new season to involve such same vibes ?

Here’s all the important details regarding the new season of this eye catchy show ::

## The Season ‘s cast ::

The casts for this season are indifferent to the casts for season 4 of the show. With all the alluring promises and expectations of craftsmanship, the show’s main limelights for this season will be ::

Ana Fernandez as Carlota Rodriguez de Senillosa ,  Blanca Suarez as Lidia Anguilar , Ana Polvorosa as Sara Millar , Nadia de Santiago as Margaret Suarez and Maggie Cinvantos .

## The division of the fifth season and their respective release dates ::

The show faced a division of season 5 into two parts. The first half concerning the season 5 of the Cable Girls was aired on 14th of February 2020 on Netflix and received a huge response from the audience. With the disclosure of the part first , everyone’s eyes are looking forward to the entry of the next part. Well , the fact is that the authorities haven’t cleared the specification about the latter’s release date yet but, according to the claims and predictions of the trustworthy sources, we can expect the part 2 of the season 5 to be aired on Netflix by June 2020.

## Plot for season 5 ::

The Cable Girls’ season 4 ended up with a number of shocking news and hence, was able to gain a lot of public-made headlines and possibilities about the next season of the show. It was a season of broken bonds and hopes – with the unexpected death of Angeles, Carlota being accused of a murder and what else not ! But, season 5 gives the vibes of much bearable plots to the fans . It features reunion and resurrecting hopes.

This season will be continuously revolving around the plot concerning the Spanish civil war that occurred between 1936 in 1939.

With Sofia engaged to the civil war , the fifth season will see the four women work collectively to bring back Sofia safely to home. The fifth season will also enlight the underlying mysteries that were left unanswered with the end of the season 4.

## Any hopes regarding a season 6 ?

With all the conclusions hoped to be drafted within the fifth season  , season 6 of the Cable Girls has absolute null probabilities.

Unfortunately , this is GOING to be that unwanted , eye- wearing ending of the show.

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