Roadies Revolution 2 August 2020 Written Episode Updates Watch Online Elimination

Roadies Revolution

The MTV India Roadies Revolution Is Back with More fire and here we will give you all updates about the Roadies revolution. Well, after Lockdown Roadies Revolution gets started and you can see some fire in the show. The show Host Ranvijay is declared the top 20 Contestants Name and the other have to leave the show.

The Michael Ajay, Abhimanyu Raghav, Akash Verma, Tarandeep Singh, Shakib Khan, Zabi Khan, Yami Ripta, Nisha Dhoundiyal, Sapna Mali, Aarushi Chawla, Akshita Singh, Aman Poddar, Srishti Sudhera, Vipin Sahu, Sanjay Negi, Jayant Yadav, Apoorva Gole, Kamdi Barkzi, and Kevin Almasifar stay In The Top 20 Contestants and Continued their Roadies Revolution Journey.

Roadies Revolution 2 August 2020 Written Episode

So, the Roadies Revolution is going so amazing where all the contestants are looking quite nervous about the next task also, the team leader Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinappa, and Raftaar are quite excited by Their Team. In the Roadies Revolution Abhimanyu Singh Said that he doesn’t get good Vibes from Aarushi Chawla. Abhimanyu said that he has may special Bonds in the journey But he Never gets any vibes from Aarushi.

As you all know that from the Beginning of the Roadies Revolution there is No Team Leader. All the contestants are free and they have to play with their partner but after the top 20 contestants selection there are four teams and the team leaders will lead them in the game.

Roadies Revolution 2 August 2020 Today Episode Watch Online Elimination

So, what will happen in the roadies Revolution? Which contestants are the best contestants? Is there any new band that gets a break? You all see this tonight because there are so many things after evictions that are waiting for you. Till then stay tuned with us for the latest Roadies Revolution Updates or your favorite show.

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