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Apple has removed 28 lakh apps from App Store in the last 6 years, here’s the reason

Apple plans to remove non-functional apps from the App Store. To which the company said, “To make it easier for customers to find great apps that meet their needs, we want to ensure that the apps available in the App Store are functional and up-to-date. We evaluate apps as a process.” and removing apps that don’t work, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.” You might be surprised to learn that the company has removed 28 lakh apps from the App Store in the past 6 years so far.

The company has sent an email to the developers
Tech giant Apple, which is now removing apps that don’t receive updates, has clarified that older apps are being removed from the App Store because no one downloaded them. Apple said developers of apps that haven’t been updated in the past three years and don’t meet the minimum download limit will “receive an email stating that their apps may need to be removed from the App Store.”

This means that “the app was downloaded at all or very rarely during the 12-month period,” the company said in an update late Friday. Apple will remove older apps from the App Store, but all pre-downloaded apps will remain on users’ devices. Earlier this week, several app makers, such as ProtoPop Games developer Robert Kabwe, expressed concerns about the change.

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You have a maximum of 90 days to update the app
Apple said developers can appeal the removal of the app. The company said that “developers who were recently notified will now have more time, up to 90 days, to update their apps as needed.”

If the app is on the phone, it will continue to work
Removed apps will continue to work normally for users who have already downloaded them to their device. Apple said users’ trust in quality apps is at the heart of what we’ve done to get the App Store up and running.

28 lakh apps deleted in 6 years
Over the past six years, Apple has removed approximately 2.8 million (ie 2.8 million) apps as part of this process.


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