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Episode of the day 26-8-2020 Catch the latest spoilers and twists

The episode of the day Tujhse hai raabta

Episode of the day 26-8-2020 Catch the latest spoilers and twists

In this blog, we are talking about the Hindi drama show “Tujhse Hai Rabtaa”. Today’s episode begins with the opinion of the Kalyani mattress on the bed being very soft and because of this Aayi can forget about her old cause and easily made her moment without any past pain. Aaosaheb told Anupriya to sleep in her room with Kalyani. Anupriya says that you can refuse his order to say that you still sleep in the kitchen. Aosaheb said don’t call her Kalyani, firstly Vikas and Pallawai don’t organize the room for you and you said you’re ok with sleeping in the kitchen and I know you want to go far with us because you are unlucky.

The episode of the day Tujhse hai raabta

But then she found out the truth that Kalyani was going to live it and he can’t tolerate it because he got her back after 5 years. Then he asks to enter the guest room and tells her to share his room with Kalyani. Anupriya goes with the room with Kalyani but she doesn’t feel comfortable with Kalyani. Kalyani says it’s in our room. Anupriya takes Shekand to her house.

Tujhse hai raabta

Kalyani eats the candy and says your behavior is changing but your cooking tastes the same. Kalyan said you were hiding something with me. Anupriya said she didn’t tell Kalyani that I had you and that you stole my things. Anupriya says that I am not hiding anything with you and that you are not afraid to blame your Aayi. Kalyani smiles and says you told me you are my Aayi.

Anupriya is shocked. Kalyani is happy and kisses her saying that mom will never remember your kids badly like you said. Anupriya wipes her tears off the chicks and when she almost sees the Kalyani, Moksh takes it in a box and says you stole all the things, then they open the box and get moved to see the Moksh things. Anupriya sees it and begins to sob.

Kalyani tells Aayi that you feel Moksh is as alive as I am. Anupriya wants to say something, but then she thinks that she is fatal and that she cannot talk to anyone, then change her lying position. Kalyani notices Anupriya that she is sleeping and she applies the cream to her feet. Anupriya said she doesn’t like someone touching her feet. For more update episode written, stay tuned with us and stay safe!

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