Delhi again faces scarcity of oxygen

Capital of Delhi faces scarcity of oxygen.

Delhi again faces scarcity of oxygen Ajay bhalla questions chief secretary regarding  issue

Capital of Delhi faces scarcity of oxygen.

NEW DELHI: Union home secretary Ajay Bhalla on Tuesday wrote to Delhi chief secretary over the issue of oxygen supply shortage and asked him to “take urgent, effective, and result-oriented measures like chief secretaries of other states/UTs have taken.”

“While there is no shortage of oxygen supply and Delhi was allocated 480 MT after consultation with its officers, it has received less supply than its actual allocation largely due to logistical issues not at all addressed by the state government,” Centre said.
Efforts of Delhi government is not up to the mark, said Bhalla adding that the state government directed INOX to supply 98 MT to 17 hospitals while it was supplying 105 MT to 45 hospitals for long time.

“Alternative arrangements for the remaining 28 hospitals not properly tied up by Delhi government,” MHA said.

Centre noted that logistics issues have to be properly addressed as the demand for tankers for transportation of oxygen exceeds present availability in the country.

It further claimed that the Delhi government have not been able to arrange any tankers though many tough days have passed since locating of oxygen by Centre.

Our team also suggests one and all to stay home and stay safe. While this pandemic is going on we should take proper measures so that if we are safe we also keep others safe. As we all can see there are less supply and more demand of oxygen cylinder and also medicines so one should only come out if their houses if some thing is very important.