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Sath Nibhana Sathiya September 11, 2020 Written Updates Star Utsav Spoiler Alert Twist


Sath Nibhana Sathiya September 11, 2020 Written Updates Star Utsav Spoiler Alert Twist

The broadcasts start with Mansi telling Jigar that she wants Gopi Bhavan’s property paper and that he owes Saath Nibhana Sathiya. Jigar agrees and asks her to start the mortgage formalities.


Written updates to the episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya

In the meantime, Gopi informs everybody about what Meera has completed to Vidya. Dr Krishna is shocked and tells how Meera might have completed this to her personal sister. Premila consoles Gopi and asks him to relax.

On the opposite aspect, Jigar informs Pari of the Mansi deal and tells him that he should want property papers as a surety. Guess says she’s going to acquire the property paper from the Kokila closet.

Kokila consoled Gopi and informed him that she was additionally in the identical scenario as Vidya and gave him Prasad. Then Pari came visiting and informed everybody that “she is pondering of giving Sona one thing”.

Urmila says how Dawn from the wrong way. Pari smiles and says that she is pondering of giving Sona one thing of their household jewels. Then Kokila says like Gopi, Pari, Mona even Sona is correct concerning the household jewellery and takes Pari along with her to her room to point out off the jewellery.

Urmila has doubts about Pari’s intention and has informed Gopi that there’s something improper, however Gopi says that possibly due to her granddaughter she has now modified.

On the opposite aspect, Meera was speaking on the telephone with the pinnacle of Boarding Scholl and informed her to not present luxurious providers to Priyal and requested them to place her in a typical room and let her wash her garments by her- even.

Vidya hears all of this and shouts out why she is bothering them. Meera says he was simply enjoying however Sharav came visiting there angrily and took the knife and stated he would kill Meera however Vidya intervened in between and bought her hand injured by a knife .

In the meantime, Mansi exhibits Jigar a pretend property paper and asks him to signal the paper. Jigar indicators it and leaves. Then Belji comes and congratulates Mansi for taking revenge on each Jigar and Gopi and says he heard that Gopi was Ahem’s pativrata / trustworthy spouse. Mansi shouts to close up and get out.

On the opposite aspect, Kokila was busy exhibiting the jewellery to Pari, and Mona came visiting there and took the property papers, however Gopi comes and calls Pari. Mona tensed


Within the subsequent episode, Premila will ask Gopi to arrange prasad, and Gopi orders groceries for prasad. Guess thinks that no matter she tries, Gopi will not succeed.

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