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Court the first film of Chaitanya Tamhane which was released in year 2014  being a non commercial regional film, this film won many hearts and now we are here with the great news that Chaitanya Tamhane is back with some great stuff which has already he  received wide approval in unfamiliar nations and film celebrations. Chaitanya Tamhane brings second continuous Gem of Realistic film.

The film is about  Sharad Nerulkar  a youthful person who wants to be  a traditional artist and trusts in Music and his amazing music instructors. His journey starts from youth by exercises from his Father, in teenage he use to spend time with his Guruji to make his exercises perfect.Then again going on with the age he started listening to the religious tapes and started learning from there which was left behind and he noticed the things were great but not that famous.The film is defined  through incendiary changes in Sharad’s day to day Life and character and his new revelations about existence.The writing is meaningful, screenplay is almost real(realistic), the narration done in such a way that it’s outcome is brilliant.

Aditya Modak gave his 100% in  lead and  then he had also been given a call for sidelined scene and he had done fantastic work in that role too. Arun Dravid as his Guruji practically ideal for the setting of the character. The supporting cast is similarly acceptable and regardless of whether they have little jobs.    All of them palyed fantastic characters and gave their best even the taste of the music was so good that makes it sweet and it feels hypnotising to listen Classical Raags.

Director Chaitanya Tamhane merits huge round of acclaim for putting an incredible show once more. He knows the pith of each and every field of filmmaking and it appears on screen. The Disciple is another true to life diamond from Tamhane which can’t be missed by anyone.


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Marathi | English | Hindi | Bengali

Release Date:

30 April 2021 (India)

Filming Locations:

Mumbai, India

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