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Aa bhi ja o piya release date confirmed(16th April 2021)


AA BHI JA O PIYA Release date confirmed

Aa Bhi Ja O Piya | Hindi Feature Film | Releasing 16th April

On screens at 16th april 2021

“Seeds of affection planted” in the heart do grow – irrespective of circumstances”​ Kaushal who had been educated in cities dwells with his folks in a far off beautiful Jharkhand town. Changing over his enthusiasm for Bonsai plantation he also has his own Nursery. Kalpana, a young girl from a military family is on an research visit with her mom and driver. While they were on their way their vehicle meets a mishap in a strom. Kaushal saves and brings them all home. Conditions drive them to stay there up in a village. Interestingly Kalpana encounters town life and starts getting addicted to village life. Characteristic magnificence of the environmental factors leave her awestruck. Aiding her exploration, Kaushal shows her interesting historical and natural locales. Simultaneously, the incredibly attractive  Kaushalthe  gets to interact closely with the very attractive and caring Kalpana.  With all the  metropolitan habits she is not quite the same as any other person in the village.​ ​ Feelings create between the youngsters however they can’t show up. Kalpana gets back to the city. Kaushal is miserable. The two of them experience difficulty to their normal lives. Just with detachment they understand the strange feelings sprouted during the short interaction was love. It appears destiny had everything arranged. In any case, commonsense conditions drive them to reconsider – would they say they are really made for one another? Kalpana is locked in to Karan, a financial specialist’s child. Her dad is  Army Major. Indeed, even a clue about her emotions towards Kaushal will spike him to brutal reaction.​ ​ There is no communication between Kaushal and Kalpana as they long for one another. In such circumstances.

Release Date : 
16 Apr 2021
Dev Sharma – Kaushal
Smriti Kashyap – Kalpana
Mukul Nag – Balwant Singh
Abhijit Lahiri – Heroine Dada
Rakesh Shrivastav – Chatpat Driver
Sanjeev Dasgupta – Hero’s Father
Sima Modi – Hero’s Mother
Pooja Ghosh – Heroine Mother
Anurag Mishra – Karan
Director : 
Rajesh Harivansh Mishra

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