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Well, After Lockdown Kundli Bhagya comes with many suspense and fans are going to love it. Well, after three months lockdown Kundli Bhagya finally starts and the Karan and Preeta ready to entertain their fans. So, here we will give you all updates about Kundli Bhagya tonight’s episode.

As you all know that in Kundli Bhagya Karan Luthra is ready to get married to Mahira, but he’s not looking happy. After Preeta and Karan divorce, Karan chooses Mahira. Karan and Mahira Are Finally Getting Married to Each other. Also, Karan trying many things to hurt Preeta. In the Luthra house, Karan and Mahira are getting married and Preeta also attends the function.

Kundli Bhagya 4

Kareena said to Preeta that she has to leave that function because she will destroy this function but Preeta said that Karan Invites her and she has not any bad intentions. Kareena said that Mahira and Karan choose each other and if Preeta is planning something to break this marriage then she has to go from there. Preeta trying so hard to convince Kareena But she doesn’t trust her.

After this, when Karan sees that Preeta is not attending the function he calls Kritika to bring Preeta in Mandap, and in her presence, he will do all rituals of marriage. Then Kritika said to Preeta that Karan Is Calling her.

In tonight’s episode of Kundli Bhagya, you all will see that Preeta attend the Karan and Mahira Marriage and Karan will do all marriage rituals in front of Preeta but Rishabh gets so much to see Karan Behavior towards Preeta.

So, what will happen tonight? Is Karan and Preeta get closer to each other? Are Mahira and Karan gets a happy married life? Is there any twist? You all see tonight but now the Karan and Mahira are getting married or Preeta is ready to make her next move. For more latest updates stay tuned with us.

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