Naagin 4, 2nd August 2020 Written Episode Updates

Well, After Lockdown you have seen so much Drama and suspense in Naagin 4. The show Makers come with some new twists where EX Naagraani Bela, Naagin Shesha, Hina Khan as New Naagin join the show and start new chemistry.

In the recent episode of Naagin 4, you all have seen that Brinda’s Mother Swara found about Shalaka’s truth and her real intentions about Dev. Another side Naagin Brinda gets so much confused about Dev’s behavior and she asks him about Shalaka and his relation.

The Swara gets the truth about Shalaka’s Black Magic and in “Laal Tekri Temple” Swara Get some documents about Temple Secret but before Swara reaches Brinda, Shalaka uses Dev as a Puppet and Kill Swara by Dev’s hand. After seeing this Brinda gets shocked and Shalaka gets so much close to Dev.

After This, Brinda lost her mother Swara, and trying to take revenge from Dev But she doesn’t know about Shalaka’s Black Magic. The Shalaka getting close to Dev because she wants her soul and after gets Dev’s Soul Shalaka reaches Naagmani.

Tonight you all will see an amazing episode of Naagin 4 where Brinda Kill Parekh Family because she thinks that Dev killed her mother Swara. Brinda transforms her looks into Naagin and then killed every member of the Parekh Family expects Dev. After seeing Brinda as Naagin Dev get so much shocked.

On The other side of The Show, you all will see that Naagraani Bela, Naagin Shesha, new Naagin Hina Khan start a new story with Naagin Brinda and help Brinda to know the truth of “Laal Tekri Temple”.

So get ready to see an amazing episode of Naagin 4 where three Naagin Bela, Shesha, and Hina Khan take entry on the show and start a new revenge story. So what will happen tonight? Is Brinda Kill Dev? Is Brinda Get Know about Shalaka’s Intensions? Is anyone helping Brinda to know Dev’s Truth? You all see this tonight.

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