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The UAE Is Ready For IPL 2020 Tournament, You Can see Many Changes This Season!

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The Pandemic of COVID-19 is getting so much dangerous day by day and in India, many people are suffering from coronavirus. Because of Coronavirus spread, the BCCI and ICC don’t get ready for IPL 2020 but after a meeting, both the cricket committee makes a decision on IPL 2020.

The ICC and BCCI said that because of coronavirus this year India can’t arrange IPL 2020 Occasion so, after the order, UAE is arranging IPL 2020 Occasion. The UAE is ready for the IPL 2020 ceremony and this year you will see something new.

The BCCI and ICC committee said that this year the IPL 2020 Rules get changed because we can’t hold full series so we can divide every team in order.

The UAE government is doing a huge occasion for IPL 2020, first UAE said that it was a huge responsibility for us and we’re ready for this occasion but the UAE makes many rules for Fans or Cricket teams.

IPL 2020 Do and don’t list-

  • The player has to use their personal equipment and does not share it with any other player.
  • Every player has to take their own water bottle and towel in the Changing room or stadium.
  • Every player has to sanitize their hand after going out and no one allowed eating food from outside.
  • According to the rules, everyone has to change their clothes in the Hotel room, and if any player can’t do this then he can use the stadium Changing room.
  • All players have to wear a mask everywhere, including live matches.
  • In cricket stadium, only 50% of fans can watch the match.
  • Every fan has to wear a mask and use hand sanitizers before reaching the stadium.

So, all these rules are performing in IPL 2020 and each and every player has to take them seriously. In this IPL 2020, you can see many new changes.

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